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Can I get service on my phone? 

Being 1500ft above sea level it is difficult to find mobile phone services on site. 

How do I know I'm in the right place? 

 If you feel lost, you're here! 

When you turn down our lane you will see camp site signs. Follow them until you come to a wooden gate opposite a big barn. Follow the bumpy road until you see our reception sign.

Do you have a grocery store nearby?

Yes, we do.


If you are looking for the basics, there is a shop 7 miles down the road in a village called Pentrefoelas.

Turn left at the main road. This will be a 10 mnute drive.

If you are looking to do a bigger shop. There is a morrisons 11 miles down the road.

Turn right at the main road. This will be a 20 minute drive.

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